Mine to our NiceHash compatible stratums! All pools are compatible with NiceHash!

Frequently Asked Questions

My unconverted balance is over the minimum payment threshold, why hasn’t it been converted and paid out yet?

Our minimum payment threshold is only for if you are mining and choose to payout in the native coin with no Auto-Conversion.

There are two requirements for Auto-Conversion payout:

  1. The coin you are mining have to meet the threshold at the exchange. We do this to save on conversion and transaction fees for all our miners.
  2. When your balance is over the minimum payment threshold for the payout coin, payout will be sent
The duration for Auto-Conversion relies on how many users are using the payout pair (ETC/BTC, ETP/BTC, ETC/ETH, ETP/ETH, etc) the more miners we have, the faster the payouts!

Do you support Ethereum Smart Contract for Payout?

Smart contracts are currently not available. If you need smart contract payout feature immediately, please contact support@ethashpool.com

How come I can see my worker when searching my wallet address on the site, but when I log into my account, no worker and hashrate is showing?

If you are mining using an address with no auto-conversion, your worker will not be listed under your username.

To use the account dashboard as your worker stats, simply replace your address with your login username in your bat/bash file of your mining software

How do I start mining with Ethashpool?

Full details are provided here.

How long does it take for my miner to display on the pool?

Hash rates are displayed as soon as your miner submits a share to the pool. The longer you mine, the more accurate your displayed hash rate will be.

My Miner is not displaying on the pool, what do I do?

Make sure to read all instructions on our How To Start page. If you are still experiencing issues you can contact us at support@ethashpool.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

When will I receive payment to my wallet?

Payments are processed when your miner has reached the minimum threshold that you have configured. If you have not configured a minimum threshold the defaults are:

The minimum payout for ETC is 0.1 ETC

The minimum payout for ETP is 1 ETP

The minimum payout for ETH is 0.05 ETH

I just received a payout way below the threshold I set, why?

We are not a crypto wallet service. At the end of every month, we auto-withdraw all funds to miners set address. It is recommended to withdraw consistently in order to manage and have full control of your own funds.

My pending balance is over my minimum payout, why am I not being paid?

On the Metaverse blockchain new blocks are frozen until 1000 block confirmations on the network, which may take 8 to 9 hours. ETP payments are made once the blocks have been confirmed and unfrozen.

How do I mine with Nicehash?

All our stratum ports are nicehash compatible.

ETC is etc.ethashpool.com:3838

ETP is etp.ethashpool.com:3737

ETH is eth.ethashpool.com:3939

Please find more details on How to Start Mining page .

Have Unanswered Questions?

Please contact us at support@ethashpool.com/ Join our Telegram community.